Why Mooldhaga?

Mooldhaga brings spring to life in different weaves be it cotton or silk. The beauty of the product is the reflection of the heart and soul of our weavers and artisans. As the season changes, the summer heat waves the sound of falling raindrops on dry earth, the early morning dews of autumn, the shiver of winter, and the blooming nature in the spring bring lots of joy to the artisan and their work. Along with these changes come different patterns and motifs. Essentially, all these are reflections of the rootedness of our artisans.

The name Mooldhaga reflects such rootedness (‘mool’) in the threads and weaves (‘dhaga’) of Indian textiles. Mooldhaga strengthens the foundation of the ecosystem and wishes to achieve sustainability.

Mooldhaga is your artsy home inspired by traditional indigenous prints and classic handcrafted designs. Our rootedness lies in embracing the efforts of Indian weavers and artisans and supporting sustainability simultaneously. Every Mooldhaga product has a special journey including weeks of dedicated work, and immense craftsmanship with the generation of expertise, from different corners of India. Our products are 100% authentic and handcrafted and undergo rigorous quality checks.

Our products be it sarees, be it dress material and bedsheets are a reflection of the artistic skills of our weavers. It carries you through both time and space. Maheshwari silk is different from Chanderi silk, Bagru block prints are different from Bagh block prints, and so is the case with Ikat from down South and Ajarakh prints of Gujarat. And, these spatial variations have come over centuries of tradition and interaction with modernity. The skills are acquired and revived as per the feelings of the artisans. So when you buy any of our products you are not only adding value to your wardrobe or home but also encouraging the skills and craftsmanship of our artisans.

From the Artisans to You…

At Mooldhaga, all our designer wear is sourced from artisans from across India. We have a team of skilled weavers and artisans to get you the best handloom and handcraft wear from across the country. When you wear our collection, you are not just wearing out designs, you are wearing a tradition, history, and a story.

We design with our soul 

Handcrafted clothing is a timeless treasure. So go ahead and buy from our wide collection and take the pride in passing it down to generations. Our classics are here to stay and would never go out of trend. Browse through our website and we assure you that you are sure to fall in love with our designer wear. This is because we work hard and we work with our soul. Our team burns the midnight lamp to bring to you our classical weaves. Along with this, you can also choose from our wide range of contemporary trends and designs. So browse through our collection and gaze at our talented and skilled artisans’ work.

Let’s celebrate life with our products for your every mood. Let’s embrace the ethnic feel. Let’s get rooted in our clothing style. Let’s get in touch with our traditional Indian culture!