Indigo The Blue Goddess of India

What is color?

It is a well-known fact that the color of anything is what it returns or reflects, not because of what it is. This means that if something looks Blue, it is not because it is Blue, but because it absorbs every other color and reflects only Blue. So, if the sky or the ocean looks Blue, it does not mean they are Blue. It means they reflect Blue. And, this is the quality of the sky and the sea which reflects infinitism.

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Have you wondered why many Hindu Gods like Kali, Shiva, and Krishna are often portrayed in the color Blue?

The color ‘Indigo’ epitomizes the color of the cosmos. The Blue color symbolizes the infinite or the immeasurable. The color Blue is reflected when the infiniteness of anything starts manifesting. All the Hindu Gods and Goddesses portrayed in Blue depict their infinite energies and cosmic nature.

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Just like the entire cosmic space minus the stars, planets and galaxies are dark Blue, the distance between our thoughts is the Blue doorway to the cosmic mind. This Blue cosmic doorway is the basis of all the spiritual pursuits in the world.

The color Blue is also, many times, considered the color of inclusiveness since it is beyond our perception. Anything which is larger than our perception, for example, the infiniteness of the vast ocean or the sky, tends to be Blue. So, the color Blue encompasses everything within and beyond the limits of our perception. Hence, it is the color of inclusiveness. In the language of great sages, whatever is immeasurable or beyond logic can appear to the human eye only as Blue.


The color Indigo is revered as the BLUE GODDESS in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The district of Tindivanam in Tamil Nadu is the best place to grow superior quality Indigo thanks to the most favorable climate conditions. Here people worship the Indigo crop and the color as Blue Goddess, not just because She is the source of livelihood, but also because She represents the infinite energy of mother nature.

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Indigo Blue is the color of intuition & perception that is, the color indicating qualities beyond our normal logical senses. So, if we wear Indigo Blue, we tend to enhance our ability to see beyond the normal senses and improve the degree of intuition and perception in us. The more Indigo in our life will be, the more active will be the elements of intuition and perception in our life. We should let the grace of the Blue Goddess of India penetrate into our lives by regularly wearing pure Indigo Blue with sufficient reverence and mindfulness.

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Indigo is the most exquisite & luxurious of all natural colors worldwide

With a name that means Indian or from India, the color indigo is woven cozily into Indian history for over 6000 years. For generations, Indigo has been grown, harvested & made into the dye. During the British raj, Indian Farmers were forced to grow Indigo in place of food crops. The Indigo dye was then bought by the Britishers at unfairly low prices. But now export companies, handicraft industries & printers come knocking on the doors of Tamil Nadu to get their hands on the precious Blue gold – the Indigo dye.

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Indigo extraction & Indigo vat dyeing are among the earliest cultural biotechnological processes in practice. It is the only natural dye that can produce a permanent Blue on textile materials and its distinctive Blue has always fascinated & inspired artists and artisans from all over the world. The most significant plant of the Indigo family is Indigofera Tinctoria which yields the highest concentration of Indigo Pigment & thus gives the deepest shades of Indigo when used in dyeing.